Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority


Please read the Advertisement link to find specifics on contract document procurement. No cost estimates are available for any Authority projects. Any questions regarding the projects listed below can be directed to: Vijay S. Rajput, Ph.D.,P.E. Managing Director 215-945-7400 ext.114 or vrajput@lbcjma.com

Contracts Currently Advertised

 There are currently no contracts advertised.

Contracts Currently Awaiting Award

WWTP-468: Furnish & Provide Services for Replacement of Water Mains
Scope of Work                  Bid Tabulations

WWTP-469: Furnish and Provide Service for Tree-Trimming and Removal
Scope of Work                    Addendum No 1                  Bid Tabulations

The bid tabulations for the above contracts will be presented to the Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting. 

Contracts Awarded

  • Bid Tabulations
    Disposal of Liquid Sludge – Water Treatment Plant
  • Bid Tabulations
    Disposal of Anaerobically Digested Dewatered Sludge-Wastewater Treatment Plant
    due to expire 12/2/2024
  • Bid Tabulations
    Disposal of Dewatered Sludge-Water Plant
    due to expire 12/2/2024
  • Bid Tabulations
    Furnish & Provide Services for Tree Trimming
    due to expire 4/30/2024
  • Bid Tabulations

    Furnish & Provide Services for Replacement of Existing Water Mains
    due to expire 3/31/2024
  • Bid Tabulations
    Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemicals
    due to expire Aug/Sept 2024
  • Bid Tabulations
    Restoration of Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways, Aprons, Curbs & Sites
    due to expire 10/25/2024
  • Bid Tabulations
    Water Treatment Plant Chemicals
    due to expire 10/12/2024
  • Bid Tabulations
    Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Polymers
    due to expire 3/14/2025
  • Bid Tabulations
    Furnish & Supply Ferric Chloride
    due to expire 11/30/2025
  • Bid Tabulations
    Furnish & Supply New Kennedy Fire Hydrants, Valves and Pipe
    due to expire 12/8/2025