Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority

Drainage Problems in your home

If you are experiencing a drainage problem in your home, please contact our wastewater treatment plant at 215-946-0731 PRIOR to contacting a plumber. Please allow the phone to ring until a response is received, as our plant does require 24 hour maintenance and it is possible that an Authority representative is out of the phones reach periodically.

Your home is connected to the Authority’s sanitary sewer main via a sanitary sewer lateral. An Authority representative will determine whether the main is blocked or not. If the Authority’s main is blocked, a crew will be promptly dispatched to dislodge the blockage. Should the Authority’s main not be blocked, our representative will recommend you contact a plumber to check your internal plumbing and lateral which is entirely the responsibility of the homeowner. The Authority will not reimburse any plumbing expense(s).

The possibility exists that a sewer may backup into your home, causing damage. The Authority is generally not responsible or legally liable for such damage or cost of clean up and repair. Normally, an amendment, or rider, to your homeowners insurance can be obtained to address any such incidents. You are urged to contact your insurance agent to obtain such coverage that you deem appropriate.

Drainage Problems on your street

Storm water problems should be reported to the municipality in which you live, storm sewers are not a part of our system.